Overview: Salesforce integration

8x8 Contact Center offers multichannel integration with Salesforce, allowing you to set up quickly and combine the benefits of your Salesforce CRM with the capabilities of 8x8 Contact Center. The integration supports communication with customers via channels, allowing you to access data from your CRM through an integrated 8x8 Contact Center app. 8x8 Contact Center provides key information about each customer interaction, giving you insight into the full customer experience, and allowing you to access detailed records of communications with each customer.

During an inbound interaction, 8x8 Contact Center tracks if the caller is an existing user by searching CRM records and presenting the matching record for preview by agents. Agents can be better informed and prepared to answer customer interactions by previewing relevant customer record details.

8x8 Contact Center’s custom screen pop integration with your CRM offers the following benefits:

  • Out-of-the-box integration with minimal custom development work.
  • Increased agent productivity with integrated one-click dialing.
  • Tools that help provide agents with up-to-date information and knowledgeable service.

Note: 8x8 Contact Center integration with Salesforce is currently available to Salesforce Sales Engagement users allowing them to leverage all. Learn more.


This guide is intended for Salesforce administrators configuring 8x8 Contact Center integration with Salesforce CRM.

If you are a new 8x8 Contact Center integration customer, follow the instructions for version 3.1 of Salesforce integration

About the 8x8 Integration package versions

The 8x8 integration package version number may differ from the 8x8 Contact Center app version number:

  • The 8x8 Integration package version 3.1 installs the 8x8 Contact Center app version 2.0.


8x8 integration with Salesforce is currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), the Republic of Ireland, and France.


The integration with 8x8 Contact Center offers the following features:

  • Seamless 8x8 Contact Center integration with the Salesforce environment, providing an intuitive interface that makes it easier for agents to interact with customers.
  • Integrate with the Salesforce Classic, Console, and Lightning platforms and desktop environments.
  • Supported Single Sign-On functionality, which allows agents to sign in to the 8x8 Contact Center app from the native Salesforce environment without needing an extra set of credentials.
  • Take advantage of multimedia channels: phone, chat, and voicemail for flexible communications.
  • Supported screen pop for inbound interactions and outbound campaign calls.
  • During an interaction, search and find the CRM record, and assign the call log to the appropriate CRM record. Add additional notes if needed.
  • Take advantage of 8x8 Contact Center skills-based routing, which ensures that customers are directed to the agent who can best solve their problem.
  • View real-time queue status and agent presence to manage the interactions efficiently.
  • Ability to search the CRM records from the 8x8 Contact Center app’s Search tab.
  • Ability to select a possible match from Salesforce contacts. Any record opened during an interaction gets listed as a possible match which allows you to associate the call log to it.
  • Ability to click-to-dial directly from the native Salesforce account.
  • Communicate with customers via integrated chat channels, log chat transcripts as a task and associate it with the desired CRM record.
  • Customization allows you to inject custom data into call logs, support any Salesforce object as well as custom objects.
  • Support for Salesforce Sales Engagement, previously known as High Velocity Sales.
  • Ability to perform warm/cold call transfers between agents. This feature is only available in the Contact center app version 2.0.
  • Email routing via the 8x8 Contact Center app version 2.0.
  • Support for SMS channels.
  • Support for WhatsApp channels.


  • Version 3.1 of 8x8 Contact Center integration with Salesforce only supports users with 8x8 Unified Login, and 8x8 Unified Login with 8x8 Work. If you use a legacy 8x8 Contact Center tenant, Single Sign-On functionality is not supported.
  • Salesforce Professional Edition is not supported.
  • Limitations related to email support:
    • The email support does not work with the Contact Center app version 1.0; it is supported only by the Contact Center app version 2.0.
    • Ability to pull email is not yet available.
    • Individual customer queued email is not supported.
    • This functionality is not copied over to Local CRM yet.
  • Limitations related to SMS support:
      • We currently don't support SMS messaging to short code numbers. We support messaging to toll-free and regular phone numbers.
      • We don't support MMS.
      • SMS messaging doesn't support images or emojis. It is plain text only.
      • Customer responses to agent initiated messages are not directed to the agent unless a dedicated SMS queue is set up for the agent.
      • Group messaging is currently not supported for outbound SMS.
      • For outbound SMS, an SMS channel must be set up with a number for that region.
      • To send a message while on a call, there must be a disposition code set up.
      • Alphanumeric sender ID’s are not available.
  • Limitations related to WhatsApp support:

      • Agents cannot initiate outbound WhatsApp messages.
      • Agents cannot send images to customers; they can only receive images. The images sent by the agent will not be received by the customer.

Supported CRM objects

8x8 Contact Center for Salesforce supports the following objects in Salesforce:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Case (not supported by Salesforce Sales Engagement)