Create 8x8 XF Workspace user accounts

As an 8x8 admin, you can create user accounts for both the 8x8 XF Workspace users and supervisors through the 8x8 Admin Console.

8x8 XF Workspace users can use collaborative functions available in 8x8 Work apps while engaging with customers through queued calls from the 8x8 Contact Center, all within the comfort of 8x8 Work apps. In addition, 8x8 XF Workspace users support other 8x8 Work features such as ring groups, UC barge-monitor-whisper, or group call pickups.

You can create a user account for an 8x8 XF Workspace user similar to formal 8x8 Contact Center agents. Still, you have to assign a dedicated 8x8 XF Workspace pair of licenses, one for the VCC platform provisioning and another for the 8x8 Work provisioning to your user.

To create user accounts for 8x8 XF Workspace:

  1. In the 8x8 Admin Console, go to Home > Users.
  2. On the Users page, in the upper-right corner, click + Create user.
  3. Add user details such as first name and last name here. In the user Service and permissions section, choose the XF Workspace (CC) license for the 8x8 Contact Center. For the 8x8 Work apps, select one of the available XFW licenses (describing the calling plan), such as the XF Workspace Global, XF Workspace International, XF Workspace Pro, and XF Workspace Metered.

    • Choose a phone number and an extension number for each 8x8 Work and 8x8 Contact Center environment.

  4. Save your settings.

To learn more about configuring an XF Workspace user accounts, see 8x8 XF Workspace for admins.