8x8 XF Workspace for admins

8x8 Workspace offers call queue capabilities from the 8x8 Contact Center (CC), allowing 8x8 Work apps users to manage interactions and stay close to the customers, not through the traditional Contact Center but through 8x8 Work for Desktop, 8x8 Work for Web, or 8x8 Work for Mobile.

8x8 Workspace introduces new user personas:

  • 8x8 XF Workspace users (sales support, IT helpdesk, HR, payroll, training teams, real estate, and healthcare) - Receive and respond to queued calls routed from the 8x8 Contact Center phone queues in the 8x8 Work apps.
  • 8x8 XF Workspace supervisors Quickly review the performance of teams and queues and configure users' queue assignments.

8x8 admins configure the 8x8 XF Workspace users using both 8x8 Admin Console and 8x8 Configuration Manager. 8x8 XF Workspace users, queues, scripts, and channels are set up similarly to formal 8x8 Contact Center agents, with differences highlighted in this guide.


When configuring 8x8 XF Workspace user accounts as an 8x8 admin, ensure to:

  • Create a new user in 8x8 Admin Console.
  • Assign to the user two dedicated 8x8 XF Workspace licenses, one for the 8x8 Contact Center platform provisioning and another for the 8x8 Work provisioning.
  • Assign an external phone number and an internal extension.

Specifications and limitations

The current version of 8x8 XF Workspace has the following specifications and limitations:

  • 8x8 XF Workspace supports voice interactions through inbound phone channels and queues.8x8 XF Workspace
  • 8x8 XF Workspace users can use only 8x8 Work apps.
  • 8x8 XF Workspace users are not allowed to use 8x8 Agent Workspace.
  • For the 8x8 XF Workspace, customers need a pair of licenses dedicated to the 8x8 XF Workspace, one for the 8x8 Contact Center platform provisioning and another for the 8x8 Work provisioning.
  • You can assign a single or multiple PBXs to a CC tenant in 8x8 XF Workspace.
  • You can only add (inbound and outbound) phone queues.
  • Outbound phone queues are used only for IVR callbacks.
  • CC voicemail, chat, and email queues can be set up, but will not work properly.

Note: 8x8 Work features such as ring groups, barge monitor whisper, or group call pickups are available to 8x8 XF Workspace users. They can get calls in the same experience from the 8x8 Work ring group or CC call queue.