What's new in Beta for 8x8 Admin Console?

This release introduces the new 8x8 Meetings Analytics Beta feature available for Beta customers.

Note: This feature is available on request. Reach out to your 8x8 Account Manager for details.

As an 8x8 admin or supervisor, you can access the summary of the 8x8 Meetings that took place for your tenant and see detailed analytics such as the date and time of the meeting, the number of participants, shard count, meeting ID, browser, and region distribution.


  • Generate reports on the number of meetings or sessions.
  • Check the browser or region distribution of participants in a meeting.
  • Sort, filter or freeze data in the columns.
  • Apply custom filters and extract desired data.
  • Export report data to CSV or Excel for further evaluation and archiving.
  • Offer managers the ability to monitor meetings, traffic, and logs.

To log in to 8x8 Meetings Analytics Beta:

  1. Log into Admin Console using your 8x8 admin credentials.
  2. In the Admin Console menu, click Meetings > Analytics Beta. The meetings analytics dashboard displays the summary of the ended meetings.

To learn more about Meet Analytics Beta, see 8x8 Meetings Analytics Beta