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Add Busy Lamp Field Keys

With 8x8 Busy Lamp Field (BLF) keys, you can monitor the busy status of a shared extension user or pick up calls intended for a Group Call Pickup, or parked on a Call Park extension within the same phone system. BLF keys are physical keys on a desk phone or hardware endpoint that light up to show when there is an active call for a monitored extension. An executive assistant can monitor calls intended for their boss. They can tell when their boss is not available, and pick up the important calls for them.

In addition to the number of keys on the physical phone, sidecars can optionally be added to some models in order to extend the number of BLF keys. BLF keys are created in Configuration Manager and then pushed to the desk phone. You can add as many BLF keys as your device allows.



Set Up Busy Lamp Field Keys

You can add a device that supports BLF keys, activate the device, and set up the BLF keys via the Users page.

To set up BLF keys:

  1. Go to Home > Users.
  2. Edit or create a user. See how to Add VO Users.
  3. Under Voice Basic Settings > Device model, select a device that supports Line Keys, and activate it. The Line key configuration link appears next to the device.

    Note: The link only appears for devices that support Line Keys. Please refer to the list of 8x8 Supported Line Keys.

  4. Click Line Key configuration.
    You find access to three types of keys: BLF key, Speed dial key, and Line appearance.
  5. Click + BLF key.
  6. Enter a BLF extension type to monitor, such as users, group call pickup, or call park.
  7. In User to monitor, enter the name or email ID of a user or group to monitor. If the user has both Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center licenses, you can see two extensions, one extension for each license.
  8. Enter a custom Label for the BLF key. The label appears on the phone device display and next to the BLF key.
  9. You can select Enable call pickup for this monitored extension number so that the user can answer calls that come to the monitored user.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Set up Additional BLF Call Ringing Notifications, and save.
    In addition to the flashing red light phone notification, you can also enable call screen notifications and audio tone.

    The BLF key appears on the list with a red bar indicator. Hover over next to each key to drag and drop and rearrange the keys.

  12. Click to save the BLF configuration. The phone reboots automatically to show the updates. The new BLF key appears on the phone device.

Edit Busy Lamp Field Keys

You can add, edit, or delete BLF keys from the Users or Devices pages.

To edit BLF keys from the Users page:

  1. Go to Home > Users.
  2. While editing a user, go to Voice Basic Settings > Device model > Line key configuration.
  3. Make the required changes and click Save.

To edit BLF keys from the Devices page:

  1. For a quick and easy access to the Line Key configuration page, go to Home > Devices.
  2. Find an activated device that supports Line Keys and is assigned to one. Click View device report.
  3. Click next to the device that is configured with Line Keys.
  4. Make the required changes and click Save.


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