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Set up Automatic Call Handling

Automatic call handling (or Auto Attendant) is a way to route inbound calls to your business. Use auto attendant to let your callers interact with the automated voice menus you define, and self-direct the calls without requiring any manual operator or receptionist. You can plan what you want your callers to experience when they call your company, define schedules and rules, and set up professional greetings for your business.

We recommend that you set up users, ring groups, and call queues before setting up your auto attendant.

Benefits of Automatic Call Handling


The following features are available in automatic call handling:


Auto attendant's caller ID does not appear correctly.

Use Case Examples

The links below show some examples of auto attendant use:

Set up Automatic Call Handling

To set up automatic call handling, you must follow the following steps:

View Auto Attendants

You can view your auto attendants by going to Home > Auto Attendants. For customers with multiple sites and a large number of auto attendants are able to filter the auto attendants based on their sites. It helps them paginate and locate their auto attendants quickly. To view auto attendatns:

  1. Go to Home > Auto Attendants.
  2. In Filters, click a site.
    The auto attendants for that site appear on the page.

Clone Auto Attendants

If you have a lengthy auto attendant menu that must be replicated for multiple offices or in multiple languages, you can clone an existing auto attendant and edit the site or language information, select a phone number, and get them going quickly.

To clone an auto attendant:

  1. Go to Home > Auto Attendants.
  2. Click next to an existing auto attendant, and select Clone.
  3. A copy of the existing auto attendant opens. Enter the name and site or location, make the desired changes and save.


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