Create and Configure Scripts

Phone, chat, and email scripts in Configuration Manager allow you to design and control the interaction flow in a contact center. Quickly connect callers with agents and streamline customer flow with the 8x8 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) scripts.

IVR is a critical component of any contact center, allowing customers to get quick answers to simple questions and helping companies identify the right resource to help a customer with a given issue.


8x8 has powerful IVR capabilities that help in a number of ways:

Designing a script can be simple or complex, depending on your business operation. Before sitting down to design your script, you need to prepare your plan for the interaction routing.

Go to the Scripts tab in Configuration Manager to create or edit scripts. Phone scripts are grouped under the Phone tab, and chat and email scripts are each grouped under their respective tabs. Scripts can be associated with one or more channels. You can create a user-defined script, or use one of our system default scripts.

To learn how to create or edit phone, email, and chat scripts, refer to:

To learn how to create social scripts, refer to our Social chapter.