Enhance outgoing email settings for channels and agents via SMTP

As an 8x8 Contact Center agent, when you email customers via email channel, you want to ensure that customers receive the emails without being blocked by your outbound email servers, or the spam filters of the customer’s email servers.

To ensure the delivery of emails sent by agents, 8x8 Contact Center now supports an enhanced configuration for outbound mailing systems, only available for custom SMTP servers. This enhancement allows specific configuration for each and every channel or agent, so that emails actually get signed and sent using the individual accounts. When sending out emails, the “From” section in the email header must match the actual address used for sending out that email, which implies using correct accounts and credentials, and the actual sender. When an agent sends an email via a channel, it uses the channel address. When an agent sends an email via their own address, it uses the agent's individual email address.

Prior to this release, emails were sent from a unique address and user account configured on the SMTP server. The email address on the email header did not match the email address used to send the email, causing emails to be blocked by spam filters.


  • Prevents the agent’s emails from being blocked by the outbound email servers.
  • Prevents the agent's emails from going to the customer's spam and junk folder, or being blocked by spoofing filters.
  • Uses one or more custom SMTP servers specifically configured for each email channel or agent.
  • Uses the channel email address when agents send emails via a channel.
  • Uses the agent email address when agents send email via agent's email.

Set up custom SMTP servers and configure email channels

Setting up a custom outgoing SMTP email server involves four steps. The first three steps are performed by 8x8 Contact Center administrators in the 8x8 Configuration Manager application. The fourth step is performed by the agents in 8x8 Agent Console to complete the setup and utilize their custom email server for sending emails: