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Create User Accounts

You can create and configure users in Configuration Manager. While adding a user, you can determine if the user is an agent, administrator, or both. For administrators, you can also select the desired role. Go to the Users tab from the Configuration Menu to create, configure, or delete users.

The new administrators are automatically assigned to the System Default role in Configuration Manager. The System Default role has View permissions by default. However, you can modify it by allowing other permissions such as Write, Create, and Edit. The new administrator appears under the admins list indicated with a check mark. The Secondary Administrator is indicated with (2). A default group, called ungroup, is assigned to all agents. You can create a new group later and use it instead of the default group.

To create accounts and configure users:

  1. From the Configuration Menu, open Users.
  2. Click User to add a new user.
  3. Enter the required information.
    The Internal Id is assigned automatically.

    Note: If you select the Is Admin check box, only the General tab remains for further configuration.

  4. Determine whether the user is an agent, administrator, or both:
  5. If the user is an agent, select an Agent Group from the drop-down list.
    You can choose Ungroup, the system default agent group, if you have not created any other groups. You can create agent groups by going to the Groups page in Configuration Manager. For details, refer to Create Agent Functional Groups.
  6. If the user is an admin, select an Admin Role from the drop-down list.
  7. Save the changes. If you navigate away from a Configuration Manager tab without saving changes, the changes are lost.
    To view or modify an existing user, click Edit. To delete and existing user, click Delete.

The next step is to configure user Properties.


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