Install the 8x8 Work for Google Calendar extension

You can install 8x8 Work for Google Calendar as an extension from the Google Chrome store, and log in to get started.

To install the 8x8 Work for Google Calendar extension:

  1. Open the extension page in the Google Chrome store.
  2. In the extension details, click Add to Chrome.
  3. At the prompt, confirm to install the extension.
  4. The next time you open Google Calendar, accept the prompt to let 8x8 Work access Google Calendar.

Log in to the integration

Once you are finished installing, log in to 8x8 Work for Google Calendar.

To log in:

  1. In Google Calendar, double-click in the desired calendar day to begin scheduling a new meeting.
  2. If you are not logged in to the extension, click Login.

    The button that read Login now reads Add 8x8 Meeting. You are now ready to use 8x8 Meet with Google Calendar.

View additional information

For information on the integration, please refer to: