Use 8x8 Meet with the Google Calendar extension

Users are able to schedule meetings directly from Google Calendar by installing 8x8 Work for Google Calendar. This extension allows users to better coordinate with colleagues by creating 8x8 meetings via Google Calendar, and the closer integration with Gmail means that organizing meetings is easier than ever.

Depending on whether you are a host or a guest in a meeting, you have access to different features of the integration:

  • As a host:
    • You can schedule 8x8 meetings from Google Calendar, leveraging its features.
    • You can edit the name, time, recurrence, and location of an event with 8x8 Meet capability attached.
    • You can utilize Google Calendar features, such as viewing the acceptance status of participants (Yes, Maybe, or No).
  • As a guest:
    • You receive a standard Google Calendar guest invite that syncs with your calendar and allows quick response time on both desktop and mobile devices.
    • You receive meeting updates and cancellation emails that notify you of changes to the meeting in Google Calendar.
    • If you have the extension installed, you can join a meeting from a calendar event by clicking Join Meeting.

What's new in 2.1?

We have introduced the following enhancement in 8x8 Work for Google Calendar:

  • Updated to the new Google Calendar interface? Enjoy extension support for the new Google Calendar.

Previously introduced in version 2.0: Joining via mobile from your car? If you're on the go, join without entering your Meeting ID using one-tap dial-in from your email invitation.

Use the Google Calendar extension

In this version of 8x8 Work for Google Calendar, you can:

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