Phone scripts for 8x8 XF Workspace

8x8 Contact Center phone scripts allow admins to design and control the interaction flow in a contact center. Quickly connect callers with agents and streamline call flow with the 8x8 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) scripts.

In 8x8 XF Workspace, the IVR script can be an inbound or outbound phone script.

Inbound phone script example for the 8x8 XF Workspace

This sample script for 8x8 XF Workspace :

  • Greets callers and prompts for queue selection.
  • Forwards callers to the queue.
  • Offers callers to opt for callback while waiting in the queue.
  • Confirms the callback number.

Inbound phone script for XF Workspace

To learn more, see 8x8 Contact Center for Admins—Phone IVR script and 8x8 Contact Center for Admins—Create Scripts.