Create a phone IVR script

An 8x8 Contact Center phone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) script can be an inbound phone script, outbound phone script, or Post Call Survey script. Here are the types of phone scripts accessed via 8x8 Configuration Manager:

  • Inbound phone script: Guides the inbound callers through the options to self-direct themselves to the desired destination within the contact center. You can create a new script and assign it to any number of channels.
  • Outbound phone script: Improves handling process of inbound phone queues when the inbound queue agents are also members of an outbound phone queue, such as campaign calls. Whenever the inbound phone queues have higher priority over your outbound phone queues, you can reserve agents for the inbound phone queue so that they handle inbound calls first before handling outbound calls.
  • Post Call Survey: A questionnaire presented to the caller at the end of a call, typically to collect feedback about the quality of service offered by the company. You can plan and build a Post Call Survey script using IVR-controlled survey, agent-assisted survey, and stand-alone survey. To build a Post Call Survey script, go to Scripts > Phone and add a new phone script. Select Post call survey for the script type and enter parameters. Follow the instructions on Post Call Survey User Guide to learn about types, use cases, and how to configure a Post Call Survey.

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