Add Video to Calls

The video calling capability of your 8x8 Work extension extends to your mobile application as well. During a live call, you can start a video session and chat face-to-face with the called party.

To initiate video during an active call, simply tap in the call management controls. The video session begins. You have access to the following video controls:

Control Functionality
Mute or unmute your microphone.
Enable or disable your device speakers.
Leave video during the call.
Switch between the front-facing and rear-facing camera to show the other party an object or scene, or show yourself.
End Call Hang up the call.
Open or close call controls while video is active.
Open or close the keypad while video is active.
Show or hide self-view in the corner of your screen.

Note: Video calling is between two 8x8 Work extensions only. You must enable video calls in the application settings. For details, refer to Configure Settings.

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