Email channel support in the integration for Salesforce

With this release, we support processing email interactions in 8x8 Contact Center for Salesforce. This allows routing emails to agents, and to have these emails automatically stored as cases in Salesforce when an agent accepts and responds to the emails. This enhancement in the 8x8 integration offers agents the ability to communicate effectively with their customers via email channel.


The support for email communication allows agents to:

  • Accept emails with contextual screen pops of customer records

  • Review the list of matching customer records before selecting the right one

  • Stay in busy status while processing the email to avoid any distractions

  • Create a case automatically for the accepted email and linked to the customer record

  • Reply, forward, close, and transfer emails quickly and efficiently

  • Send new and follow up emails

  • Keep track of the email thread through the case history


  • The email channel support is currently limited to 8x8 integration with Salesforce only.

  • Ability to pull email is not yet available.

  • Individual customer queued email is not supported.

  • The email support does not work with Agent Console, it is supported on Agent Workspace.

  • This functionality is not copied over to Local CRM yet.

  • The email channel communication is supported on the updated integration only.


  • Access to the updated integration. Contact 8x8 Support to request.

  • Access to 8x8 Agent Workspace

To learn about configuring the email integration, click here.