Configure the email integration for Salesforce

As a Salesforce administrator, you can enable communication via email channels for agents using 8x8 integration for Salesforce. The configuration involves:

Enable email integration in Configuration Manager

This step requires you to have administrator privileges to access 8x8 Configuration Manager. In this step, you need to enable full email integration in Agent Workspace, which is controlled by a setting in the 8x8 Configuration Manager.

  1. Log into Configuration Manager.

  2. From the menu, go to Home > Profile.

  3. Select Enable full email integration in Agent Workspace.

  4. Click Save.

Configure the email integration in Salesforce

As a next step, you must configure the email integration in Salesforce which requires you to have necessary admin privileges in Salesforce. This process requires you to perform the following tasks:

With this step complete, you have successfully configured the email communication in 8x8 integration for Salesforce.

Select the Salesforce objects in Agent Workspace

Note: The following procedure must be performed by agents.

Upon receiving an interaction, the 8x8 integration searches for matching customer records and presents them to agents helping them associate the interaction with the right customer. The search can be broadened to all the supported Salesforce objects or narrowed down to the specific objects desired. To select the Salesforce objects to search for in email integration, log into Agent Workspace and select the Salesforce objects to search.

  1. Log into Salesforce and launch the 8x8 integration app.

  2. Once the app launches 8x8 Agent Workspace, choose to Work offline.

  3. Go to My Profile from the menu. It launches in a new window.

  4. In the Integrations tab, under Search Types, select:

    • Account

    • Lead

    • Contact

    • Case

  1. Click Save.

    Note: By default, Account and Contact objects are selected.