Virtual Office Mobile App 6.4 for iOS - What's New?

Important: Virtual Office Mobile 7.0 is here. We have introduced a brand new user experience and more. To download the Virtual Office Mobile app 7.0, go to your app store. To learn more, click here.

In release 6.4, we have introduced the following enhancements:

IPv6 network improvementsSmooth calling experience for T-Mobile users on IPv6.

Support for CallKit for iOS10: iOS 10 users can now handle simultaneous Virtual Office and cellular calls with ease.

For details on the call behavior, refer to the FAQ article on how to handle simultaneous cellular and Virtual Office calls.

Note: 8x8 CallKit integration is applicable to iOS 10 users only.

Ability to join meeting audio on a cellular call: Users can automatically dial in to meeting audio using a cellular voice call.

Bug Fixes

For a list of the bugs fixed in this release, refer to our iOS release notes.

Previous Release Features


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