Webchat attachments

Customers and agents alike are now able to send attachments when communicating via chat. Attachments include the following:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Documents

Let's say you receive a live chat message from a customer who received a product that was damaged during shipping. The customer attaches a photo of the damaged item and sends it via chat. As an agent, you can download the image to assess the damage and send the customer a return form via chat.

To send a chat attachment:

  1. While engaged in a live chat in 8x8 Agent WorkspaceClosedThe brand new interface for 8x8 Contact Center agents to receive and process customer interactions., click .
  2. Locate the file you want to send, select it, and click Open.
  3. Note: You can send file attachments with a maximum size of 100 MB.

  4. Click Send .

When receiving attachments from customers, click to download the attachment.

When the chat ends, the chat log pops. The chat transcript displays chat attachments as links. Save the chat log for future reference.