Select status codes

If your 8x8 Contact Center includes the optional agent status codes feature, your contact center administrator has created status codes that identify reasons for a status change. When you choose to change status, the codes show up prompting you to select one. For example, if you choose to change your status by clicking Working Offline, 8x8 Agent WorkspaceClosedThe brand new interface for 8x8 Contact Center agents to receive and process customer interactions. displays a list of reasons for working offline. Depending on your contact center's code definitions, the reasons may be: attending meeting, attending training, or finishing case work. You must choose a status code before you can complete the status change operation.

The procedure in this section assumes your contact center includes the optional status codes feature.
8x8 Agent Workspace select status codes

To choose a status code:

  1. In the Control Panel, click Change status to view the available statuses.
    Learn more about how to set your status.
  2. Select a status and corresponding codes show up. Select the code that indicates the reason for your status change. Your status changes to the desired state.
    The status and associated status code appear in the contact center's historical reports.