Process email interactions from the Display Panel

If your Contact Center admin maintains the default email experience, when an email is offered, you must accept the email from the Control Panel and reply from the Display Panel.

Accept email interactions

8x8 Contact Center directs emails to agents via an email queue. The AgentClosedAgents use the Agent Console to view and manage customer interactions. Virtual Contact Center supports Regular agents and Supervisor agents. must be in the Available state to receive the incoming emails. When an incoming email is offered to an agent, a notification appears indicating an incoming request. The agent can accept, or if permitted by administrators, reject the request. On accepting, the agent's status changes to Busy. On rejecting the email, the agent's status changes to Working Offline.


To receive emails, an agent must be:

  • In the Available status.
  • Assigned to an enabled email queue.

    Note: You can view or edit your queue assignments under My assigned queues. For details, refer to view your assigned queues.

If an email queue has pending emails, you can:

Accept one email at a time

To accept one email from the queue:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Agent WorkspaceClosedThe brand new interface for 8x8 Contact Center agents to receive and process customer interactions..
  2. Click Ready to work to start the session.
  3. Check My assigned queues and make sure you are part of the email queue. For details, see our assigned queues topic.
  4. Click the status menu option and change your status to Available.
    If you have an incoming email, the email notification in the Control Panel indicates the incoming email interaction.
  5. Preview the customer or case data, and click to accept the email.
    Your status changes to Busy. If the incoming email is from an existing customer, the customer record pops up for preview.

    Note: If your status is Available, 8x8 Agent Workspace may offer you a new interaction before you can complete answering the email. Change your status to Work offline or click to stop new interactions. Your status will change to Work offline automatically.

  6. Click Edit to open the edit case window. You can change the case status and save it at this time.
  7. Click Reply or New Follow-up at the top of the screen. A new follow-up record opens in a new tab.
  8. Complete your email and click Send or Save.
    The email is saved as a case or follow-up with an Open status and is assigned to you.
  9. Click to Wrap up your email interaction.

    - The screen pop displays the case ID and customer name.
    - If you have multiple emails opened in tabs, the screen pop helps you navigate better by displaying the case number and customer name.
    - If the screen pop fails to open, clean up your browser cache and cookies and log back in.

    For details, see our topic on how to respond to emails.

Pull emails

In 8x8 Contact Center, pulling emails from a queue gives you the flexibility to quickly look at the sender or the subject of the email and then accept the email that requires the most immediate attention. The Status tab in the Control Panel lists your email queues and indicates the number of emails pending in a queue.

To pull emails from a queue:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Agent Workspace.
  2. Click the status menu option and change your status to Work Offline.
    If your status is Available, 8x8 Agent Workspace may offer you a new interaction before you can complete pulling email interactions from an email queue.
  3. Go to My assigned queue in the Control Panel.
  4. Click Pull email or click the number of emails.
    8x8 Agent Workspace pulls all the emails from the queue and presents the Pending Emails in the Display Panel. Change the order of emails by clicking the column heading. You can sort by wait time, case/follow-up number, email channel, contact, company, or email subject.

    Note: If your 8x8 Contact Center administrator has given you permission to delete, you can identify unwanted emails from the list of pending emails, select, and delete them. To delete emails, see Delete emails from a queue.

  5. Check the Subject column of an email you wish to open.
    The email is offered to you instantly. The workflow is the same as accepting an email.
    If the email is from an existing customer, a relevant case or customer record pops up for preview.
  6. Preview the customer or case data. You can edit and save the case, reply to the case, or create a new follow-up.
    A case is created and opens in a new tab.
  7. If you are in the Available state, your status changes to Busy while working on the case.