Work with codes

Your 8x8 Contact Center administrator may set up different types of code lists serving a unique purpose. Whether it is to indicate the purpose of changing your status from available to working offline or the purpose of an outbound call or to indicate the call outcome, use codes. The codes are presented during an interaction if you are assigned to them. You may have to select one or more custom codes as your status changes or as you process interactions.

Code lists include:

  • Status Codes: Indicate the reason for your status change, such as attending a meeting as the reason you work offline.
  • Outbound Phone Codes: Track the purpose of a call, or indicate the calling line ID of your outbound calls.
  • Transaction Codes: Indicate the purpose of interactions, and record the outcome of each interaction.

Your supervisor provides you with a list of your company's custom codes and explains when to choose a particular code.