SMS Registration - brand and campaign registration

SMS registration allows customers to manage both their registration brand and campaign processes and the SMS assignment, which is necesary to ensure that customers' SMS are not blocked by the SMS traffic operators.

The SMS registration process contains three sections:

The SMS registration configuration tab is an online web form through which you self-register the SMS traffic to comply with what carriers expect in terms of SMS traffic. Moreover, you can manage the SMS numbers assignment process.

To SMS register your brand and campaign and assign SMS numbers:

  1. In the Admin Console Home page, under Phone System, click SMS.
  2. In the SMS page, register your company and assign phone numbers for SMS traffic.
  3. Under Your Brand, provide all the basic information about your brand and click Save.

    A call is sent by the app to the Campaign Registry (a third-party entity), and the registration happens asynchronously. The validation might take about one minute.

  4. Under Campaign, define your campaigns as you need.
  5. Under Your SMS enabled phone numbers, from the list the user you want to disable from sending SMS, and click Remove number in the related row. Confirm.

    - We only enable SMS numbers only for the US or Canada.
    - A user might have assigned more than one number, and if more than one is SMS capable, you can enable only one at a time.
    - First number is the enabled SMS number.

To assign or enable a user to SMS, navigate to Home > Users page.