Salesforce integration with 8x8 Work

8x8 Work integration with Salesforce enables you to link your recent 8x8 meetings with Salesforce object records, allowing you to better track your progress with customers you interact with in 8x8 Meet.

Note: This integration is available to 8x8 Work users whose organizations are X Series or Virtual Office Editions customers.
For details on 8x8 Meet features available to different user types, click here.

To enable Salesforce integration with 8x8 Work:

  1. From the main menu in 8x8 Admin Console, go to Meetings >Salesforce integration.
  2. In the Salesforce integration page, switch the Enable Salesforce integration with 8x8 Work toggle On to allow the integration. Otherwise, switch the toggle Off.
  3. Under Salesforce login settings, add a custom domain for Salesforce login.
  4. Click Save .

Note: For details about how to install 8x8 Meetings in Salesforce app, see How to install. To learn more about 8x8 Work for Desktop app, click User Manual.