Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams


8x8 Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams is a voice solution for customers looking for easy deployment in their Teams environment by having the ability to manage the DID / phone number configurations and assignments, directly within the Teams Admin Center. 8x8 Operator Connect offers enhanced communication capabilities.

8x8 Operator Connect provides functions like a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk and exclusively delivers the Public Service Telephone Network (PSTN) in Microsoft Teams.

8x8 Operator Connect allows customers who use Microsoft Teams to select 8x8 as their phone service carrier and number provider from within the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. They can then assign phone numbers directly to their Teams users within their Teams Admin Center.

Unlike Voice for Microsoft Teams, 8x8 Operator Connect only includes a DID and contains no user level privileges. 8x8 Admin Console can be used to assign these DIDs directly to Teams Admin Center, where the Teams Admin has the freedom to assign these DIDs as per their requirements.

Note: 8x8 Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams differs from 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams and the 8x8 Phone App for Microsoft Teams.


  • Fast to deploy and fully compliant with the 8x8 Operator Connect Program.
  • Reliable, directly peering through Microsoft Azure to meet program architecture, support, network, and share Software License Agreement (SLA) requirements.
  • Complete, as part of the 8x8 for Microsoft Teams portfolio, offers global reach, flexible calling plans, and a Microsoft Teams-certified contact center solution with free on-net calling.

Availability and Requirements

  • It requires a Teams Phone Standard license from Microsoft.
  • Two new DID license types are available for 8x8 Operator Connect:

    • Operator Connect - Metered is dedicated to customers headquartered in (and for DIDs registered in) the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.
    • Operator Connect - Nationwide is dedicated to customers headquartered in (and for DIDs registered in) the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.
  • It only applies to the new 8x8 customers, contract renewals, and add-on orders to existing customers.


  • Each Operator Connect license allows customers to get a single DID and assign it to Microsoft Teams
  • 8x8 Operator Connect is designed only for Microsoft Teams. Customers cannot access 8x8 Work or X series features.

    Note: Admins cannot apply 8x8 Operator Connect to an X series user, but these can be used side by side with an X series license.

  • Through the Operator Connect - Metered and Operator Connect - Nationwide licenses, customers get a single DID and the ability to assign it to Microsoft Teams.

To learn how to configure 8x8 Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams, see Configure 8x8 Operator Connect.