8x8 Mobile Admin

Recently, we introduced 8x8 Mobile Admin, a new solution designed for 8x8 Work admins to manage basic admin activities using the 8x8 Work for Mobile app. This new capability offers quick resolutions via the mobile app as well as easy and quick access to a restricted set of top level daily admin tasks (quick updates or changes on demand).

As admins, often you need to check on system status or quickly change user/device level settings or perform minor configuration changes on auto attendants, call queues or ring groups. Through the 8x8 Mobile Admin app, you can act on these easily and quickly, without having to log in to the web app. Simply launch the mobile app and log in using your admin credentials to access the admin dashboard.


8x8 Mobile Admin is available on:

  • iOS mobile devices
  • Android mobile devices
8x8 Work for Mobile iOS 8x8 Work for Mobile for Android

To learn more about 8x8 Mobile Admin, check out our detailed help.


As an 8x8 Work app admin, perform the following basic admin functions using a new admin dashboard in 8x8 Work for Mobile:

  • Track usage metrics and monitor quality: Track number of sites, users, licenses, and phone numbers in a snapshot.

  • Manage basic configuration options: Manage configuration on existing Auto Attendants, Call Queues, and Ring Groups.
  • Perform basic user administration: Deactivate, reactivate and delete user accounts.
  • Manage status notifications: Send and receive push notifications about platform services status updates (outages announcements or incidents), directly via the mobile app.
  • Search for users - If you are logged into 8x8 Work for Mobile as an admin, you have the ability to search for a user directly from the Mobile Admin Dashboard.