Set up Call Park Extension

With the 8x8 Call Park feature, you can park a call in the cloud while you use your phone to make another call, or inform another employee to pick up the call. Instead of putting the call on hold or forwarding it to voicemail, you can park the call in its own dedicated space on a call park extension while the caller hears hold music. Call Park Extension is similar to placing a call on hold, however, unlike placing a call on hold, you can retrieve the held call from any other phone within the organization.

When you park a call, the system announces a parking number which must be communicated to the desired recipient who can then enter the number to retrieve the call. When you set up a call parking extension on a BLF key, you can simply bypass the need to remember and input the call parking number. Instead, simply press the BLF key to park a call. On the recipient phone, the BLF key blinks indicating a parked call. Press the BLF key to retrieve the call.

Call Park Extensions are supported on all 8x8 phones that support Line Keys.


  • Experience a faster call routing and better customer experience.
  • Park and retrieve calls at the touch of a button without the need to remember a call parking extension number.
  • Pick up a parked call via any extension within the organization.
  • Reserve call park extensions and bind them to BLF keys.
  • Keep the parked call on an extension for a maximum of five minutes.
  • Ring back the parked call automatically to the person who parked the call, if not answered within 5 minutes. If the ring back is not answered either, the call is transferred to the person’s voicemail.

Use Case

Let’s say we need to set up an efficient call flow In a hardware store with Lighting, Paints, and Lumber departments. When the front desk associate answers a call for Lighting, she parks the call on an extension reserved for Lighting department. The call is then retrieved by an associate in the Lighting department. If you set up a call park extension using a BLF key, the associates can simply press the BLF key to park and retrieve the call without having to remember the parking number. The front desk associate presses the BLF key to park the call for lighting department. The associate in the lighting department presses the blinking BLF key on the phone to retrieve the call.The following illustration shows the plan: