Port Your Existing Phone Numbers

Porting is transferring a phone number from one phone service provider to another. Upon initiating a transfer request, 8x8 assigns temporary numbers to your account, allowing you to continue your business without interruption until the porting process is complete. Enjoy the seamless swap of temporary numbers with the ported numbers once the porting is complete.


 Transferring an existing phone number eliminates the inconvenience of changing phone numbers.

  • No new phone numbers to remember
  • No need to notify friends, family, customers and business contacts of your new phone number
  • No need to print new stationery or business cards
  • Port your existing numbers from another service provider to 8x8 without interrupting your business.
  • Initiate porting with required support documents, view porting status, and resolve porting errors.
  • Get temporary numbers and begin using 8x8 services without having to wait for the porting process to complete. For inbound calls, ask your service provider to forward your calls to the temporary number. Keep your porting number for caller ID.
  • Enjoy the seamless swap of temporary numbers with the ported numbers once the porting is complete.
  • Generate a report that lists all phone numbers, assigned or available in your phone system. Find out the list of ported numbers, or numbers that are pending porting, or those that have failed porting by using the relevant filters.

Get Ready to Port

Before initiating the porting process, make sure you cancel any special services for your numbers, such as DSL. We strongly recommend you have the following information on hand:

  • The billing owner information: first name, last name, company, and address.
  • The name of the previous phone service provider, such as AT&T or Comcast.
  • A telephone number for billing purposes that remains on the account.
    For landlines or fax numbers, you can enter the primary telephone number on the account. For wireless, mobile, and toll-free accounts, enter one of the numbers you are porting.
  • The phone numbers you are about to port to 8x8.
  • A completed Letter of Authorization (LOA).

Note: We recommend that you consult with your current carrier as to whether a fee applies when you change your preferred carrier.

Port Existing Phone Numbers

To port your existing numbers:

  1. From the main menu in 8x8 Admin Console, go to Home > Phone Numbers.
  2. Click Port Phone Numbers.
  3. After reviewing the pre-check requirements, proceed to enter the authorized owner's Basic Information. Enter the owner's name, the name of the business, and the billing or service address. Only the account owner or an authorized person can request the transfer.
  4. Identify the current Service Provider for the numbers to be ported, enter the Billing Telephone Number.
  5. Enter the Phone Numbers to Port. Do not use spaces between the number digits.
    • If you have entered a Toll free number, you must provide a copy of a bill (scanned copy or an electronic bill). Note that the phone bill is accepted if it has been more than 30 days from the billing or invoice date on the bill (not the pay-by date). Upload one bill for all toll free numbers.
    • If you have entered a Wireless Number, enter your enter your Account number and PIN in the Account & PIN section, for both landline and wireless type phone numbers. This information is only mandatory for wireless and optional for landline phone numbers.
      You can find your account number in the top corner of your bill or invoice. Your PIN is given to you by your former provider and is usually pre-selected. Contact your former provider for any questions. If you like to enter one account number and PIN for all mobile numbers to port, enable Use the same account number and PIN for all wireless phones.

  6. Enable Assign temporary numbers:
    • Select System assigned to automatically assign the temporary numbers. The system-assigned temporary numbers are not from your inventory. They are usually offered with the same area code as porting numbers.
    • Select a number of your choice from the list of available numbers in your inventory (whether claimed or ported) to manually assign to a porting number.

      Note: For toll-free numbers, you must provide an electronic copy of the bill. Any phone bill that is over 30 days from the billing/invoice date (not the pay date) cannot be accepted.

  7. Review and accept the terms and conditions in the Letter of Authorization. Click I Agree.
    You can print the letter of authorization, email the status to others, and see the list of temporary numbers that are assigned to the porting numbers. After submitting the porting request, the status of the transferred number appears as pending in the summary page. See Various Porting Statuses.
    Soon after you submit your request, you receive a confirmation email including the numbers you requested to port. You can assign these numbers to the users while waiting for the porting process to complete. If you choose to send a welcome email to the user, it contains the temporary phone number and a link to set up password. The user can start making and receiving calls using the temporary numbers. To check your phone number inventory, go to Home > Phone Numbers from the main menu to view the list of numbers. Check the list of phone numbers to see the source of numbers (whether a number is claimed or ported), which numbers are assigned to users, and who the numbers are assigned to.

    We may not be able to submit all your porting requests. For the orders that have not gone through, see the report in Porting order results. You can resolve the issue and click to Restart the porting process.

    Notes: The current limitation for a porting order is 1000 per order. To port more numbers, create multiple porting orders.

    Notes: The current limitation for a porting order is 1000 per order. To port more numbers, create multiple porting orders.

Various Porting Statuses

Here are the various porting statuses. You can view and filter Porting Status by going to the Phone Numbers page.

Porting Status Definition
Pre-Porting Pre-porting enables administrators to create users via bulk user upload giving them the numbers that are not yet in the inventory. It provides an easy way to capture the porting information with minimum data. The numbers to be ported are put into pre-porting status which means they are automatically assigned a temporary number and the user can start using their service immediately. In the CSV file, include the numbers to be ported and say Y in the User.Voice.PortNumber column.
Porting Pending The porting is underway.
Email updates are sent for every porting status change, such as porting date confirmed, porting date postponed, porting delayed, etc. The latest confirmed porting date is visible in the Number Status column and under due date.
Porting Complete The porting is successfully completed.
The porting number is then moved to Available or Assigned once the temporary number is swapped out.
Porting Failed The porting failed.
The porting fails for various reasons. In many cases porting failure is recoverable, such as an incorrect billing telephone number. You can review your answers and re-submit the porting request.


Refer to the following frequently-asked questions for more information: