Set up Meeting URLs

8x8 Video Meetings with Virtual Office combines flexible communication capabilities with powerfully collaborative meetings. With 8x8 Video Meetings, take your team meetings to the next level via integration with calendar apps, high-definition audio and video, advanced meeting management features, and much more!

Meeting URLs used for 8x8 Video Meetings are based off the name of your organization; set an easy-to-remember base URL for your entire organization, and then select the default behavior of people's individual meeting URLs.

To set up your organization's meeting URLs for 8x8 Video Meetings:

  1. From the main menu in Configuration Manager, go to Meetings.
  2. Under Tenant name, enter your organization's Meeting URL tenant. For example, a tenant of "acmejets" results in a base URL of "" for users in your organization.
  3. Under Meeting URLs, confirm the default meeting URL behavior when a member of your organization schedules a meeting in their calendar:
    • All scheduled meetings use the same URL as the person's own personal meeting space (such as "").
    • Scheduled meetings use the person's personal meeting space URL as a base, but each meeting URL ends with three randomized alphanumeric characters (such as "").
  4. Save your changes.

Need an in-room conferencing solution to bring remote participants into your office's meeting rooms? Now that you've set up 8x8 Video Meetings for your organization, set up 8x8 Meeting Rooms for an enhanced in-room conferencing experience!