Contact Center Disaster Recovery

In this release, 8x8 Contact Center introduces disaster recovery to X Series customers. 8x8 Disaster Recovery Companion Service provides business continuity if the data center hosting your primary tenant suffers a disaster or a site failure. 8x8 Contact Center Disaster Recovery (DR) companion tenant is a scheduled replica of your primary contact center tenant in the standby mode. This instance of your Contact Center tenant is hosted in a geographically diverse data center and synchronizes periodically with the primary tenant. Contact Center admins configure disaster recovery in the 8x8 Configuration Manager. Should a critical outage occur, Contact Center admins can enable and switch over to a DR tenant with a click. On-demand administration is available using the 8x8 Configuration Manager application, whether you just want more flexibility in everyday call routing, or plan ahead for business continuity during a disaster. You can divert your contact center inbound telephony traffic to your companion tenant or alternate phone numbers.

The DR tenant synchronizes with the primary tenant weekly once by default, but can be customized to synchronize as often as hourly upon request.

Learn how to plan for a disaster event.


This topic is intended for 8x8 Contact Center administrators responsible for enabling Disaster Recovery or channel rerouting for their contact center.


The 8x8 Contact Center Disaster Recovery Companion Service is available to all 8x8 Contact Center customers based on subscription.



Rerouting Plans

Virtual Contact Center facilitates channel or agent rerouting using routing plans. A routing plan determines how your contact center traffic is channeled. During normal operation, you can route traffic to the primary tenant. During a disaster, you can redirect the traffic to a DR companion tenant or forward them to another phone number. By default, all routing plans are set to direct inbound traffic to the primary tenant. The following built-in rerouting options in Virtual Contact Center help you maintain business continuity: