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Set up Virtual Contact Center Service Channels

A Service channel is a regular phone channel used by your customers to call your contact center. It is associated with a telephone number to process inbound phone interactions in a Virtual Contact Center. You can assign a number to Virtual Contact Center from within a Virtual Office Configuration Manager. You can further edit a service channel, and enable or disable it from within the Virtual Contact Center Configuration Manager. An IVR script is linked to the service channel by default. Service phone channels can only be added or removed from your Virtual Contact Center tenant by a Virtual Contact Center administrator.

Go to Virtual Contact Center Channels to assign an 8x8 number for use as a Virtual Contact Center service channel. You must first claim or port numbers from Virtual Office Configuration Manager. See how to claim or port telephone numbers. To learn about VCC direct agent routing channels, see Creating VCC agents with Dedicated Extensions.

Note: The first phone number that is assigned as a VCC channel is automatically set as the VCC Billing Telephony Number (BTN) and Called ID (CLID). Contact 8x8 Support team if you would like to make any changes.

To set up Virtual Contact Center service channels:

  1. In Virtual Office Configuration Manager, claim or port a phone number from Home > Phone Numbers.
  2. Go to Home > VCC Channels. You can see a list of phone numbers available to use as a service channel number in Virtual Contact Center.
  3. Select the desired phone number and click Assign to Virtual Contact Center.

    You can also assign a phone number by clicking next to the desired phone number. To unassign a number, select a Virtual Contact Center number, and click Unassign.
    The assigned service channels appear in Virtual Contact Center Configuration Manager and under Home > Channels. See our Virtual Contact Center Administrator guide to see how you can Create and Configure Channels.


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