Deploy 8x8 Microsoft Integration for enterprise as an administrator

As an administrator in a large enterprise, you can deploy 8x8 Microsoft Integration throughout your company remotely by using a deployment tool.

Important: In order for 8x8 Microsoft Integration to function, ensure that you are using the appropriate plug-ins:
-Download version 6.1.2 of the plug-in for calling with Skype for Business.
-Download version 6.0 of the plug-ins for meetings with Outlook and calling with Outlook.

To deploy the plug-in remotely:

  1. Download the appropriate installation file as an admin:
  2. As an Active Directory Domain (ADD) administrator, you can install remotely using specialized deployment tools for pushing installations on all/certain ADD units. You do not need to enter custom parameters, as each plug-in is separate from the others; to control which features are made available to users, simply choose which plug-ins to install.
  3. If you are installing via command line, you must:
    • Reference the location of the file.
    • Decide whether you want users to see the progress of the installation; after the file name, enter </qb> to display or </qn> to hide.

Log in to the integration

Depending on which version of integration with Outlook you have deployed, your users may need to log in to some components manually:

  • As a user of version 6.0 of the 8x8 Work for Outlook plug-in: You must go to your Outlook Mail or Calendar , open the 8x8 menu in the header, and select Log In. In the login window that pops up:
    • If your user profile is set up to use 8x8 Work credentials, enter your credentials in the window to log in and access 8x8 Meet features.
    • If your user profile is set up to use Single Sign-On to log in with your existing company credentials:

      Important: Version 6.0.0 of the plug-in contains an issue that can prevent Single Sign-On from working properly; in order to log in as a user enabled for Single Sign-On, update to version 6.0.1.

      1. Click Use Single Sign On to go to the Single Sign-On screen.
      2. Enter your 8x8 username or company email, and click Continue.
      3. Select your Single Sign-On identity provider to open that provider's login screen.
      4. In your identity provider's login screen, enter your Single Sign-On credentials, and confirm to log in and access 8x8 Meet features.
  • As a user of version 6.0 of the Outlook Click to Call plug-in: Upon opening Outlook, if you are also logged in to 8x8 Work for Desktop, you automatically have access to 8x8 calling with Outlook.