Agent VoIP telephone requirements

Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone connections use a data connection to originate and transport telephone calls. 8x8 Contact Center supports the following types of VoIP telephone equipment:

  • Software-based VoIP phones such as Counterpath eyeBeam
  • Hardware-based VoIP phones, such as the Cisco

Based on your business site, the IP address you use will vary. For details, see X Series Technical Requirements.

Site IPs
Europe 2
Europe 3
Hong Kong
Bell Canada
Sandbox Same as US-West

For details about using CounterPath softphones, see the firewall and NAT requirements in the table listing computer hardware and software required to run 8x8 Agent Console. In addition, see how you can configure Bria 5. For details about VoIP equipment and configuration, see X Series Technical Requirements or contact 8x8 Support.