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Overview of Virtual Contact Center Configuration Requirements

The primary requirements to use Virtual Contact Center are:

In typical small business and home setups, you can open your browser, log in to the Virtual Contact Center services site, and gain full access to the service.

In larger business environments, you may be required to configure various browser and network permissions and security policies to allow full access to Virtual Contact Center features.

This document discusses the technical details of the system and network capabilities required to support all features of the Virtual Contact Center application.

You must configure both your network and agent workstations to interoperate with Virtual Contact Center.

On most networks, the only required configuration tasks are to allow Virtual Contact Center to:

In networks with aggressive security policies, you may also need to selectively enable access for specific IP addresses and associated firewall ports used by Virtual Contact Center.

For each agent workstation supported by the Virtual Contact Center, you must provide the agent with appropriately-configured network, computer, and telephony equipment.


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