Enhanced Voicemail Email Notification

The voicemail email notification now provides the transaction ID, allowing you to track the queued voicemails better. An email notification for a voicemail is generated as a result of:

  • Voicemail Queue Notification: When a caller leaves a voicemail via a voicemail queue, an email notification is sent to the email address configured for the voicemail queue.
  • IVR Settings for Voicemail: A voicemail being sent to an agent from the voicemail queue. The agent requests an email to be sent to the agent.
  • Transferring to Agent Voicemail: A voicemail being sent to an agent after the caller calls and leaves a voicemail in the agent’s voice box.

Additionally, you can retrieve the following information from a voicemail notification sent by email:

  • Tenant name
  • Cluster ID
  • Phone queue ID
  • Voicemail queue ID
  • Calling name
  • Interaction GUID of the inbound phone queue
  • Transaction ID of the inbound phone interaction
  • Voicemail begin offset
  • Filename
  • Agent name
  • Voicemail retrieval delay

To configure voicemail notification, go to Queues/Skills > Voicemail Queue > Notification and select the Enabled checkbox. You can enter more than one email address for the notification. See Configure Voicemail Notification for more information.