What's new in the 8x8 Contact Center 9.16 release?

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

Bug Summary
VCC-74227 Auto-accept a callback interaction when offered to an informal agent
VCC-74226 Publish forwarding rules on X-Attributes when initiating a call to an agent's phone
VCC-73891 Agent Pausing recording for agents not working
VCC-73776 Enhancements and improvements guid parsing while fetching agent group
VCC-73246 Enhancements and improvements to PCIPal sessions
VCC-72580 Multi-contact handling changes for post implementation of CM/VCCSS changes
VCC-72579 Implement multi-contact handling in IR
VCC-72449 Persist received meeting Id received on an SMS during a phone interaction in AW
VCC-72242 Enhancements and improvements to retry record the second call on Web call back
VCC-72077 Enhancements and improvements to avoid VMs playing as dead air in VM queue (if notification is enabled on Vmail queue) in addtion to VM works on email notification
VCC-72075 Enhancements and improvements for Voicemail emails are to be send on IVR workflow including when email addresses are separated by semicolon (;)
VCC-71277 Enhancements and improvements delete voicemail recording flag sent to EmailSender
VCC-70939 Enhancements and improvements on custom status codes to not reset after internal calls
VCC-63303 Enhancements and improvements for Mode 3 - Agent 1 starts hearing hold music, being connected with inbound caller on line 1, when Agent 2 switch back to line 1 (with outbound caller) from line 2 (with Agent 1)


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