Access call recordings in Quality Management

Users can now open the recording of a call or voicemail in QMSA from the Customer Experience Call Flow diagram. Once you access the recording, you can see the details such as agent name, number dialed and more. You can listen to the recording or export the interaction. In prior releases, access to recording in QMSA was not available though 8x8 Customer Experience.

Note: The new feature is available for calls and voicemail interactions. All users are provided with a link to the recording, but only those with the QMSA subscription and proper permissions can access the recording. Users without the QMSA subscription, will see a message for their permission.

Note: If the recording is in the cold storage, or the storage is expired, the actual recording will not show up in the call flow diagram. To find out if your recording is in cold storage, how to access and retrieve your call recordings, see our documentation in storage and retrieval.

Note: For the recordings that are in the cold storage or the storage is expired, the actual recording will not show up in QMSA. For the expired storage, the metadata is also deleted and is not available to the users.

To access call recording from the call flow diagram:

  1. In the Customer Experience dashboard, click to open Recent Calls.
  2. Click next to the desired call record, or double-click a call row to launch and display the call flow diagram.
  3. Click Go to recording at the bottom right corner of the page. The call recording opens in the QMSA application on a separate tab with the interaction already selected.

  4. Click on the row to open additional information such as the agent and supervisor’s name, see evaluations, add notes, or navigate to speech and analytics.

Navigate between Customer Experience and QMSA

There is no direct access from 8x8 Customer Experience to QMSA. The access is however only through the Go to recording button in the call flow diagram of 8x8 Customer Experience.You cannot see the recording if you do not have a QMSA subscription or the right permissions for your account.

If the user has a subscription but there is no recording available for that call, no call recording will show up in the QMSA.