About 8x8 Storage and Retrieval

8x8 is introducing unified storage policies for recordings. Storage policies determine the retention duration of recordings for 8x8 Work, 8x8 Contact Center, and 8x8 Meet. You can use default retention policies or create custom policies to suit your business needs if needed. This guide describes how to set up the 8x8 storage policy and how to retrieve archived recordings.


This release impacts the following audiences: 8X8 administrators. Learn how to configure policies and how to retrieve stored recordings.


8x8 Storage and Retrieval is available to X series customers.


8x8 Storage and Retrieval has the following features:

  • Access recordings up to 130 days with hot storage.
  • As a current customer of 8x8 Work, you can retrieve 8x8 Work, 8x8 Contact Center recordings and screen recordings up to 10 years with cold storage.
  • Provides 90 days of hot storage after switching to a new storage policy.
  • Provides consistent storage policies across 8x8 globally.
  • Adds support for storage and archive products to user-based licensing.
  • Allows you to use default policies or create custom policies based on the number of days and years.
  • Retrieve single or bulk recordings from cold storage archive.

Note: 8x8 Work storage add-ons will not be activated until you configure your storage policies. To help you set-up your storage policies, please follow the steps in Configure the 8x8 Storage Policy.

Note: Purchased storage remains available only for as long as the customer remains a customer of 8x8. Otherwise, to protect your customer data, 8x8 shall delete your data in accordance with its data retention policies.