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Configure Inbound Phone Queue Voicemail

Stagnating calls in a queue for too long is not desirable to callers. You can direct calls that have been waiting in a queue longer than a specified time to voicemail, allowing callers to leave a message. By going to the voicemail tab, you can also:

To configure voicemail for a queue:

  1.  From the Configuration Menu, open Queues/Skills.
  2. Find the inbound phone queue you wish to modify, and click .
  3. Go to the Voice Mail tab and select or enable voicemail settings.
    The following table summarizes the options under Queues/Skills > Inbound Phone > Voicemail.
    Voicemail Tab OptionDescription
    Enable Voice MailSelect to enable voicemail for this phone queue.
    Force Voice Mail afterChoose how much time Virtual Contact Center permits a caller to wait before redirecting the call to a Virtual Contact Center voicemail queue.
    Voice Mail Message (played to customer)Choose the recorded message Virtual Contact Center plays when redirecting a caller to a voicemail queue.
    • Upload Custom: You can replace the current message with an existing WAV file from your picklist.
    • Play Audio: Click to listen to the audio voice message.
    Route Voice Mail to queueChoose a Virtual Contact Center voicemail queue.
  4. Click Save.

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