Configure inbound phone queue voicemail

Stagnating calls in an 8x8 Contact Center queue for too long is not desirable to callers. 8x8 Contact Center admins can direct calls that have been waiting in a queue longer than a specified time to voicemail, allowing callers to leave a message. By going to the voicemail tab in 8x8 Configuration Manager, you can also:

  • Enable voicemail for a queue.
  • Specify a duration after which to direct the waiting calls to voicemail.
  • Select a message for voicemail.
  • Select a voicemail queue to direct the calls to.

To configure voicemail for a queue:

  1.  From the Configuration Menu, open Queues/Skills.
  2. Find the inbound phone queue you wish to modify, and click .
  3. Go to the Voice Mail tab and select or enable voicemail settings.
    The following table summarizes the options under Queues/Skills > Inbound Phone > Voicemail.

    Voicemail Tab Option Description
    Enable Voice Mail Select to enable voicemail for this phone queue.
    Force Voice Mail after Choose how much time 8x8 Contact Center permits a caller to wait before redirecting the call to a 8x8 Contact Center voicemail queue.
    Voice Mail Message (played to customer) Choose the recorded message 8x8 Contact Center plays when redirecting a caller to a voicemail queue.
    • Upload Custom: You can replace the current message with an existing WAV file from your picklist.
    • Play Audio: Click to listen to the audio voice message.
    Route Voice Mail to queue Choose a 8x8 Contact Center voicemail queue.
  4. Click Save.

Beginning September 2022, 8x8 Contact Center will be cleaning up voicemails and emails older than six months from queues.
- Once emails are deleted from queues, they will not be offered to agents. They can be accessed via the Local CRM.
- Once voicemails are deleted from queues, they will not be offered to agents. Deleted voicemails cannot be accessed unless voicemail notifications via email have been set up. Learn how to set up voicemail notifications.

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