Step 3: Configure the outbound setup

For campaigns to function successfully, they need to connect to the 8x8 Contact Center Local CRM or Salesforce CRM, extract data from a specific CRM object, and generate a target call list.

Note: 8x8 Auto Dialer supports generating campaign call lists directly from the Salesforce CRM if 8x8 Contact Center integration for Salesforce is set up. For all other External CRM integrations, the data must be imported from the External CRM into the Local CRM to generate campaign call lists.
Learn about the prerequisites and how to import the customer list in CSV format and how to add customers using the CRM API.

Outbound setup enables you to define global properties for campaigns by:

  1. Specifying the target CRM properties
  2. Defining CRM objects and fields relevant to campaigns
  3. Uploading pre-recorded messages to be accessed by campaigns
  4. Mapping transaction codes to disposition actions

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