Configure profile settings

8x8 Contact Center administrators can find their tenant name, tenant language, support level, and other tenant subscription information besides the account preferences under Home > Profile in 8x8 Configuration Manager.

The information in the Profile page is grouped under the following areas:

  • Secure File transfer Protocol (FTPES) - set password: Allows the Primary administrator to set up a password to access agent call recordings through FTPES (Secure File Transfer Protocol).
  • Miscellaneous tenant settings: Groups information on the tenant time zone, tenant label, and options to allow agents to change name, enable SSL API, change screen pop settings, and enable agent's workplace setting change validation.
  • Service Notifications - email addresses: Specify email addresses for administrator and maintenance email distribution list.
  • Tenant email - SPAM filtering parameters: Defines threshold level to filter unwanted emails and allows listing Spam Black Lists and Spam White Lists.
  • Tenant - Logo: Allows you to upload an image logo for branding purposes. Click Browse and upload an image.
  • Phone Connection Mode: With Phone Connection Mode, agents set up their voice connection before they start working on calls and remain connected throughout their working day. Admins can set the tenant's default connection mode to Persistent or On Demand. Admins can also allow agents to change their Phone Connection Mode in 8x8 Agent Console if needed. Admins can enable Auto Answerfor agents and increase the DAR post-processing timeout.
  • Workplace Phone: The ability to display the Calling Line Identifier information on the agent's end point is offered through this control - Display customer CLI when call offering. This allows agents to identify the caller before answering the phone. By default, the feature is disabled. If you wish agents in your contact center to see the caller's phone number, you need to enable it.

For a detailed summary of your tenant settings, refer to Summary of Profile Settings. See the following topics to learn how to configure your tenant settings:

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