Configure embedded chat design

The chat functionality in 8x8 Contact Center is now enhanced with better chat workflow and design. 8x8 Contact Center administrators can design a custom chat to match their corporate requirements and create a custom chat script to control the chat flow using 8x8 Configuration Manager.

A chat workflow can be represented as follows:

  1. A customer visits a website.
  2. A chat invitation pops up, proactively inviting the visitor to chat.
    The visitor clicks a chat button on the website to initiate a chat.
  3. The visitor is then presented with a pre-chat survey form to collect some preliminary information.
  4. The visitor fills and submits the information. Based on the information submitted, the system checks if it belongs to an existing customer.
  5. An agent accepts the chat interaction, and begins a live chat session.
  6. When the chat channel is offline, the visitor is presented with an option to send an email message using an offline form.
  7. If the visitor drops out of a chat process, then the chat interaction enters a default termination.

The following image shows the chat script diagram:

8x8 Embedded Chat offers chat visual block elements used on your website for a chat interaction:

  • Button: A chat button that initiates a chat interaction
  • Invitation: A chat invitation that pops proactively, inviting website visitors for a chat
  • Form: A pre-chat survey form that gathers customer information
  • Window: A chat window used by the end user to chat with an agent

Configuring Embedded Chat Design in 8x8 Configuration Manager involves:

To configure Embedded Chat Design, log in to 8x8 Configuration Manager and go to the Chat Design tab. You are ready to design visual elements for chat on your website.

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