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Run a Wallboard

You can run a wallboard while logged in to Configuration Manager and from the Wallboard tab, or log in to the wallboard directly and select to run a wallboard from there. The login credentials for Configuration Manager also allow direct access to the wallboard.

What do you need?

To access a wallboard via the Configuration Menu:

  1. From the Configuration Menu, open Wallboard.
  2. Select a wallboard, and click .
    The wallboard runs in a new browser tab.

To access a wallboard via direct wallboard access:

  1. In the Configuration Manager login screen, select Wallboard Access.
  2. Enter your Configuration Manager login credentials, and click Login.
    The Wallboard launches and displays the list of configured wallboards.

    Note: The number of wallboards you can run simultaneously depends on your subscription.

  3. Select a wallboard, and click Run.
    As a wallboard administrator, you can bypass the need for login credentials to run a wallboard. For details, refer to Share Wallboard Authentication.

    Note: A Chrome limitation prevents Virtual Contact Center Wallboards from playing the alert sound notification when the threshold is met. To work around it:
    1. Open a new Chrome browser and enter chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy.
    3. Press enter. The Autoplay policy option appears.
    2. Select No user gesture is required from the drop-down list.
    4. Press RELAUNCH NOW. The sound is audible the next time you relaunch Google Chrome. See Chrome Autoplay Policy Changes for more information.

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