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8x8 Quality Management and Speech Analytics 5.4 Release Notes

We have introduced the following enhancements and improvements in the 8x8 Quality Management and Speech Analytics 5.4 release:

New Screen and Voice Live Monitoring

Monitoring live interactions inside the Quality Management application allows you to listen to the audio of a live call, barge into the call, whisper to the agent directly, and view the screen(s) of the agent’s computer in real time; this requires a purchase of Screen Recording. You can use Screen Recording for a variety of reasons; coach an agent on how to handle a difficult customer in real time, monitor an agent’s screen to make sure they are working while on the clock, and more.


For details, see our content on screen and voice live monitoring!

Improved Screen Recording

Enhanced Permissions Change

When permissions for a logged-in user are changing, the user is not automatically logged out. The user could continue their ongoing work, and log out and then log back in at a convenient time in order to update the available feature set.

Improved Contact Center Group Assignment

When the Synchronize Contact Center user groups option is active, the user Main Group follows the assignment in the Contact Center application.


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