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8x8 Quality Management and Speech Analytics 5.3 Release Notes

We have introduced the following enhancements and improvements in the 8x8 Quality Management and Speech Analytics 5.3 release:

New Screen and Voice Live Monitoring

Version 5.3 of Quality Management and Speech Analytics introduces a brand-new page where supervisors can listen to the audio of a live call, barge in on the call, whisper to the agent directly, and view the screen(s) of the agent’s computer in real time. Screen monitoring is available only for customers who purchased the screen recording module for Quality Management and Speech Analytics.

New Live Monitoring Page

Supervisors are able to perform a series of actions on the Live Monitoring page to get valuable insights on:

All agents are arranged in cards on a grid view. Every user sees results in this grid view based on their authorization level, which is granted in roles assigned to the groups they belong to.

The list can be filtered based on the following items:

Screen recording subscribers can also filter by:

The agents in the grid can also be alphabetically sorted.

The grid view has two states: Comfortable and Compact. The Comfortable view is displayed by default. Users can choose to switch to the Compact view to fit more cards in the view.

The screen recorder profile is now a click away using the Recorder Profile icon. This profile is visible only for customers subscribed to screen recording.

Ability to View Agent Screen Live

The agent’s screen is available to be viewed in live mode at any time, even if the agent is not on a customer interaction at the moment when the supervisor selects the agent’s screen. In the live view, the supervisor can pop out a panel in which you can view the agent's desktop, as well as manually record the agent’s screen.

The supervisor can click Monitor and view the agent’s screen at the same time, even if the agent is not in an interaction. If the agent starts an interaction, the live view is automatically switched to monitoring, and the supervisor’s phone rings so they can listen to the monitored agent’s interaction with the customer. The supervisor also has the ability to barge in on the conversation, or to whisper instructions to assist the agent without the customer being aware.

Controls for Barge-Monitor-Whisper

When the supervisor is monitoring an agent’s live interaction, the Barge and Whisper options are displayed at the bottom of the screen. By selecting Whisper, the supervisor is able to get involved in the agent interaction with the caller, and talk to the agent directly. The customer is not able to hear the supervisor. When the supervisor decides to end whispering, they can simply click Stop Whisper. The interaction and the monitoring session both continue.

If the supervisor wants to intervene, they have the Barge option available. By selecting this option, the agent-caller interaction is transformed into a conference call.

To leave the conference, the supervisor must end monitoring. If they want to listen in again, they can simply select the agent and click Monitor once more.

During an interaction, while in the Live Monitoring view, the Interaction Details panel is shown. This panel shows details for the interaction. The order of the information can be configured under Settings > Information display > Interactions.

The supervisor also has the option to add notes during a monitoring session. They can even @mention other users in the notes (such as by typing <@John Smith>), and the email notification is sent at the end of the interaction.

Virtual Office and New Meetings Experience Interactions in Quality Management

Version 5.3 comes with exciting news. Virtual Office interactions and the New Meetings Experience are now available in Quality Management and Speech Analytics for playback, download, sharing, scoring, and much more.

Several changes were made to fit these interactions and the users creating them.

Enhanced Users Page

The Users page was redesigned to show more entries in the list and more details for each selected user in the slide-out panel.

Users in the list can be sorted based on name, agent ID, username, main groups, agent supervisor, and agent trainer. Basic filtering is also available to quickly find a certain user.

The slide-out panel reveals more details about the selected user.

For users that have both Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center licenses, the Virtual Office departments are marked by a Department icon next to the department name.

Group assignments for users are also available in the slide-out panel in the Assigned Groups section. The selected user can be quickly assigned to a group by checking the corresponding group check box from the Assigned Groups drop-down and saving the changes.

Roles and permissions applied to groups are also available in this tree view.

Permissions cannot be modified in this page, and are for informational purposes only.

Enhanced Groups Page

The Groups page also got a refresh; however, the way to manage groups is still the same.

Groups are laid out in an alphabetically-ordered list based on group names. Important generic information, like the supervisor or trainer assigned to the group, are also available in the list view. Virtual Office departments are marked with a Department icon, as previously explained for the Users page.

Copy and delete options are also available for groups created inside the Quality Management and Speech Analytics application.

The slide-out panel reveals more group-related details.

Different assignments and options available for groups are organized in the slide-out under specific sections:

To jump from one section to the next, users can simply click the icons available on the slide-out navigation bar.

The info section consists of group details and different application-specific or quality management-specific settings used to customize the experience for users who belong to the group.

Assigned users and assigned roles are used exactly as in previous versions to grant users access to application features and capabilities.

Enhanced Search Interactions Page

The content on the Search Interactions page was enriched with interactions coming from new sources.

Interactions performed in Virtual Office and the New Meetings Experience are now available for playback and much more in Quality Management and Speech Analytics.

The different types of interactions are marked with specific icons on the Search Interactions page:

Interaction details are customizable under Information Display > Interactions. Interaction detail setup can be changed by selecting the corresponding interaction source. All the changes are reflected in the slide-out panel on the Search Interactions page.


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