Install the 8x8 Network Utility

8x8 provides multiple methods of deploying the 8x8 Network Utility; you can install manually, deploy as an administrator in a larger enterprise, or run the stand-alone version of the utility. When upgrading from a previous version of the 8x8 Network Utility, we recommend that you uninstall the previous version, as well as manually remove all files located under:

System Requirements

The 8x8 Network Utility has the following requirements:

Install the 8x8 Network Utility Manually

As a user with admin rights on your computer, you can download and install the 8x8 Network Utility manually.

Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version of the 8x8 Network Utility, 8x8 recommends fully uninstalling the previous version. Launching the installer begins the installation process.

Deploy the 8x8 Network Utility as an Administrator

As a system administrator in a large enterprise, you can deploy the 8x8 Network Utility remotely through a deployment tool. Please contact your 8x8 network engineer to discuss options and examples. Once the utility is deployed, users can run tests using the utility.

Note: At this time, enterprise-wide deployment is only available for Windows.

Run the Stand-Alone Version of the 8x8 Network Utility

Extract the zip file to any destination you wish. 8x8 does not recommend running the 8x8 Network Utility from a remote network drive, or from a removable drive such as a thumb drive. The folder contains two applications; execute the required version of the utility.

Note: The stand-alone version does not require you to install the 8x8 Network Utility. Instead, the utility functions as a stand-alone executable file for Windows or Mac that can be run without the need for admin rights on your computer.