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About Dashboards

Our highly-visual and intuitive dashboards give you instant understanding of contact center performance. Powerful tools show you what is going well, and where you need to focus resources to improve your customer experience. Create data charts tailored to your business needs using custom widgets, and track the effectiveness of your call queue.


What are Widgets?

Use widgets to define the metrics you wish to view in your dashboard. You can monitor queue and agent performance using the following widgets:

Use Cases

To better understand the power of 8x8 Analytics, let’s look at couple of simple use cases.

John is one of the supervisors in the contact center at AcmeJets, an airline operating in the United States. AcmeJets operates domestic flights across the country, and handles numerous interactions with the customers via their contact center. Whether for booking tickets, changing or canceling tickets, or simply checking the flight schedule, John’s team of agents are constantly busy assisting customers. John supervises agents belonging to the Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 queues. Given the high call traffic, John is required to:

Using the 8x8 Analytics tool, John can manage these responsibilities smoothly. He will take the following steps to ensure access to the right metrics.

To create his daily dashboard, John must add widgets to monitor:

John must keep the visuals on the dashboard at a minimum so he can stay focused on the critical metrics.


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