Set up audio and video

Since various features of 8x8 Work for Desktop make use of your computer speakers, microphone, and camera, you can configure your audio settings as desired for calls, and select from your available devices to participate in meeting audio and video. You can also set the ring speaker and volume separately from your primary call audio. Let's say you want to avoid missing incoming calls when you're not wearing your headset: If you commonly use a headset, you can select the speaker an incoming call rings from.

When 8x8 Work for Desktop detects a new audio or video device, you are automatically asked whether you want to use it for application audio.

To access audio and video settings from the app:

  1. Go to Settings > Audio and video.
  2. Select your desired media devices for audio and video. You can view the sensitivity of your microphone, test your speaker audio quality by clicking Test speakers next to your selected device, and enable or disable tones and alerts.

To set ring source for incoming calls:

  1. Go to Settings > Audio and video.
  2. Plug in or pair your headset or secondary speakers.
  3. Under Incoming call, you can choose whether incoming calls ring, select your secondary ring source, and set the ringtone and ring volume. Your computer remains as your primary ring source.