Sign in to 8x8 Voice for Teams app app

You can sign in to 8x8 Voice for Teams app via Single Sign-On.

To sign in to 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams app:

  1. Log in to Microsoft Teams. The General Microsoft Teams screen displays with your team name listed under Teams
  2. If your IT admin installed this app for you, the app should already be pinned in the Microsoft Teams left navigation bar. If not, try clicking More added apps , then click on the 8x8 icon. The sign in screen via Single-Sign On (SSO) displays.

    Note: If the 8x8 app does not display at all, contact your administrator.

  3. Click Sign in via SSO
  4. Enter your 8x8 username or email in the 8x8 Username or Email field and click Continue.
  5. Click Login with organization.
  6. Select the Microsoft Teams email from the list to launch the app.
  7. After signing in, the Dashboard displays with the following tabs to navigate to:

    • Call Queues: View the call queues and log in and out of the call queues.
    • Voicemails: Listen to and manage your voicemails by selecting one from the left side.
    • SMS: Send and receive messages (SMS and IM).
    • Fax: Send and receive faxes.
    • Call Recordings: Access recordings of your calls.
    • Settings: Set your preferences for voicemails, caller ID, call forwarding rules, call recordings, and music-on-hold.

      Note: To change any other settings at this time, we recommend that you use the 8x8 Work for Desktop User Help.

    • Profile: Share product feedback and access help center links.