Change 8x8 account settings

You can set your preferences for 8x8 voicemail, external caller ID, 8x8 call forwarding rules, call recording, and 8x8 music-on-hold.

Set up 8x8 voicemail

To customize your call experience when your IT admin included you in an 8x8 call queue or configured 8x8 Voicemail for everyone in your organization, you can set up how to record your voicemail greetings and receive voicemails.

To set up 8x8 voicemail settings:

  1. In the 8x8 Voice for MS Teams app, go to Settings , scroll down and select Voicemail settings.

      1. Under Voicemail settings, you can set:
    • Your email address to receive voicemail notifications.
    • Whether you receive an email notification.
    • Your voicemail password (password length is limited to six digits).
    • Whether callers who reach your voicemail can choose to be redirected to another number you specify.
    • Under External greeting and Internal greeting, you can change your default voicemail greeting, and your voicemail greetings for external callers and for colleagues in your organization. This way, you have greater flexibility in setting your voicemail greeting:
    • External greeting: "Hi, you have reached Sasha Solovey at AcmeJets. I am unavailable right now; please leave a message."

    • Internal greeting: "Hi, you've reached Sasha in Engineering. I'm unavailable right now; please leave me a voicemail or a chat message so I can get back to you."
    • Record a new voicemail greeting, or select an existing greeting.
    • When you are finished, click Save.

Set external caller ID

To customize your call experience, set up External Caller ID when you call contacts outside your company. You can define the external caller ID to be displayed on the recipient's device when dialing outside the company. When you block the external Caller ID, the external calls made by the user do not include any information about the user

To set up an external call ID:

  1. In the 8x8 Voice for MS Teams app, go to Settings and scroll down and select External Caller ID.

  2. Enter the name you want displayed on the recipient’s device in the Display Name field and the number in the Phone number field. Available numbers are the ones shared by the IT admin in the 8x8 Admin Console.
  3. To block the caller’s information from being displayed in the external calls, enable Block External Caller ID.

Set up call forwarding

To customize your call experience, when your IT admin configured 8x8 Call forwarding rules for everyone in your organization, you can set up and edit your settings for 8x8 call forwarding rules.

Note: 8x8 enables you to manage call forwarding rules for your extension, if the administrator has already configured this in 8x8.

To set up call forwarding rules:

  1. In the 8x8 Voice for MS Teams app, go to Settings , scroll down and select Call forwarding rules.

    You can choose to forward incoming calls such as:

    • When you are busy on an existing call
    • When you do not answer within a certain period of time (by default, 15 seconds)
    • When your Internet connection is down
    • When you get a call from a blocked number
  2. Add a new rule by clicking on Add new rule, filling in the fields and clicking Save. See To set custom call forwarding rules.

Set music-on-hold

The 8x8 hold music selected by your IT admin plays by default when you place a call on hold. To customize this music, you can replace dead air with hold music or your business announcement. When you put your callers on hold, you can play a hold music or announce a marketing message until the call is resumed.

To set up music-on-hold:

  1. In the 8x8 Voice for MS Teams app, go to Settings , scroll down and select Music-on-hold settings.
  2. Click Change to change the default audio file.

  3. Select from the existing audio files or click +Create Audio Files and select Upload an audio file. Or, click Call a phone number to record and skip to Step 6.
  4. Drag and drop the audio file. Enter a filename and any notes.
  5. Click Save.
  6. If you previously clicked Call a phone number to record, enter the name of the recording and any notes.
  7. Click Call now. The Recording is in process screen displays. After the recording is complete, click Finished Recording, then click Save on the Call on phone to record screen.