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SMB Users

If you are a Small and Medium Business (SMB) user, you can set your billing profile for consolidated or unconsolidated billing, add a new credit account to your profile, and view statements. See the following sections for more information:


Using Account Manager, you can view your statements for the last 18 months.

  1. Click Billing in the top navigation bar.
  2. On View Statements, click View. There are two versions of the page:
  3. Select the Currency from the drop-down list under Activity Since Last Payment. Your selection determines the type of currency for your statement.

    Note: You can select from the following currencies: British Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, and Euro.

  4. Click View under Actions of the statement you want to see. You can view bills one by one, or view several bills at once:
  5. A detailed billing summary displays. Below is an example of an enterprise consolidated statement with cost centers in Austin, Chicago, and Los Angeles in US dollars.
  6. To view billing details for a particular extension in Billing > Statements, click View next to the corresponding extension.
  7. To see account activity since your last payment in Billing > Statements, click View Activity. A detailed billing summary opens.

Billing Profile

This feature allows you to select whether you receive a consolidated or unconsolidated bill for your telephone extensions and allows updates to your payment details.
8x8 offers two types of billing to meet your needs:

Billing Profile can be accessed by both SMB and Enterprise users:


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